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Fridays, books & some ghazals maybe?

A goodbye letter was found

on her desk at 5. 

An unusual Friday evening.  

While the room saw many beaming smiles,

she was exhausted on her job drama. 

Back home with a heart full of regrets, 

she was ready to retrace her steps, 

in the misery 2020. 

Yet, all the woes found their decimal point,

in Jagjit Sing's alleviating ghazal;

//Aaj Janaa Pyaar ki 

Jaadugari Kya Cheez Hai, 

Ishq Kijiye Phir Samajhiye, 

Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai, 

Khulti Zulfon Ne Sikhhayee,

Mausaumon Ko Shayaree.// 

Played on the TV flowing with the

library scene. 

That pleased smiled came back on her lips,

through her electrifying veins. 

A warm hug and a cup of chai 

broke the silence, 

Maa's routine, every evening at 6. 

Home's scent was finally coming in

with a wave of freedom, 

as her steps drew closer to the bookshelves,

shucking off the night-clubbing texts.

Her lost ishq was found again, 

in the books dwelling happily in the lights. 

An unusual yet unruffled Friday. 


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